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How To Customise A Picture Frame

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and holidays are great opportunities for people to give gifts to their friends and family. Some loved ones have obvious hobbies and interests that make it very easy to shop for them, while others are a bit harder. The best gift ideas for people who are difficult to shop for are personalised or handmade items that bear a special meaning to the giver and the receiver. A special handwritten note to commemorate a milestone achievement is both memorable and personal.

Scrapbooks and personalised stationery help parents announce and celebrate the birth of a child or some other momentous endeavour or occasion. Crocheted blankets, scarves, and other apparel are another great example of handmade gifts that are well received and appreciated. These items are also very functional and will be proudly displayed or worn on a regular basis. Picture frames can serve a dual purpose and make excellent gift ideas for a wide variety of individuals. Workplace associates will enjoy a customised picture frame that is versatile enough to go with just about any decor, while a close friend or family member can appreciate reflecting on a customised frame that displays a happy memory captured on film.

Choosing A Theme
The most important decision to make when it comes to customsing a picture frame is choosing a standard theme. Decorating a picture frame may seem like easy work, but can easily be overdone and will look too busy when finished. Deciding on a single theme, such as gemstones, sparkles, or feathers helps the designer stick to the main effects and not end up with an undesirable result. Broad themes such as tropical beaches should be reigned in so that too many different items are not detracting viewers from the main focus of the frame. For example, a lighthouse picture frame may include a three dimensional lighthouse in the bottom corner as well as some smaller appliques or painted designs subtly displayed near the border of the frame. If the artist attempts to add seagulls, suns, starfish, and other accessories it could appear overdone. In the case of a picture frame design, less is usually more.

Adding A Photo
Because the gift recipient wants to be able to appreciate the frame as well as a photo, the two should be relevant and balanced in theme and appearance. It may not always be appropriate to include a photo in the picture frame when giving it as a gift, but that does not mean that the frame has to be completely empty. Concert tickets, bulletins, announcement cards, and other trinkets can be inserted into the frame as a unique gift delivery. These examples are well suited for causal acquaintances, coworkers, and other individuals participating in a holiday gift swap because they are fairly universal and appealing to everyone. When photos are added to a frame, the artist should be certain to label the back of the photo with the date and perhaps even a personal note of encouragement or congratulations.

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