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How To Make A Shoebox Puppet Theatre

One of the coolest crafts that you can make with your children is the puppet theatre. The reason this is the perfect crafting idea is it takes little in the ways of supplies, and the kids can decorate it any way they like. Once the craft is complete, you will simply be amazing that it took nothing more that a few items you probably already have lying around the house. Here are some simple steps for how to make a shoebox puppet theatre.

Step 1. The Supplies
To create this amazing little craft, you are going to need a shoebox. You can use paint, crayons, or magic markers to decorate the box. Paint is preferred, but again this is up to you and the children. The only other thing you will need is you and your children’s imagination.

Step 2. Preparing the Shoe Box
The first thing that you will need to do is completely unfold the shoe box. You are going to be folding it back together in a few minutes, so take care opening the sections and make a mental note as to how the box folds back together. With the box opened completely flat, cut a round circle in the back or bottom of the show box. This will be where your child fits their hand into the theatre. Take the two side flaps, and cut them in half circles so they can become the curtains on each side of the stage.

Step 3. Preparing the Shoe Box Lid
Take the cover to the shoe box and cut out a rectangular shape that follows the shape of the lid. Be sure to leave at least a one inch border around the entire top. Now take the large piece of cardboard that you cut out of the cover, and make three small half circles. Be sure that two of the half circles are the same size and one is larger than the other two.

Step 4. Painting the Theatre
Begin to paint the outside of the box any way you and the children prefer. While the outside of the box is drying, paint some unique patter on the three half circles that you cut out. Polka dots seem to work well, but this is just a suggestion. Allow the circles to dry before gluing them to the top of the stage.

Step 5. Painting the Inside of the Box
Paint the entire inside of the box black. This will contrast the puppets and allow the child’s hand to remain hidden well. Fast drying paint is recommended because the children will be eager to get playing as they see the box transform.

Step 6. The Curtains
Take those two flaps that you cut with a unique shape, and glue some fabric on top of them to simulate curtains. Red always works well, but any material color you have will suffice.

Step 7. Assemble the Box
Fold the box back together, then place the cover back on the shoe box. The puppet theatre is complete, time for the actors to take the stage. Have fun!

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