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How To Make An Origami Peacock

Advanced origami peacock designs are pretty difficult to do. If you are not an expert in this art craft, then try out an easier origami bird. Paper peacock designs videos are little difficult to follow. Hence here we have given the folding instructions for beginners. With just one sheet of paper, you can fold origami peacock with spreading wings. You need to apply both outside reverse fold and petal fold, while making this origami peacock. Ensure the paper that you use is in the rectangle shape. It is a little easier, if the backside and the front of the origami paper are of different color or texture.


First take a rectangle paper which is oriented horizontally. Then lengthwise, fold it in half. Unfold the paper to see the crease that is formed. Fold the bottom left corner slightly upward so that it lies on the horizontal center line. This way, the crease should be through the upper left corner.
From the top to bottom, turn the paper. Now fold the left edge so that it is lined along the bottom edge. After this completely unfold the paper and turn the paper back over. Start folding the upper left corner, and once you have completed, unfold the paper. However, don’t turn the paper, hence leaves the white side up with distinctive creases on them.
Mark each point as A, B and C. push down point B and bring the points C and A towards each other. When you do this, bring even the left and the right corners towards each other. Using the present creases, pinch the left side of the paper. Then flatten out the paper, holding both the BC and AB edges together. Now fold the lower right side to touch the both the vertical edges. Repeat this behind as well.
Using existing creases push the corner A down, and it should go between corners E and D. Now fold one of the upper right corners along the diagonal. Fold an equal amount down on the other flap. Now hold flaps E and D together and fold the flap from the right side to the left. Then fold side D to the right. Fold the bottom point B upwards to touch the three creases. This makes a small crease and unfolds to keep the point at the bottom.
Fold point B back and now fold the model in half vertically. The zig-zag corner at the right is the head and the neck. Pinch the head and pull it upwards so that the left corner becomes vertical. Pinch the head that is near the neck and pull it so that the bottom is horizontal. Take point D and fold it to the right. Fold the points E and D to narrow them. Fold even the narrow strip of the back edge downward. Now fold the pleat and keep continuing to fold them to make a fan. The tail has the double layer of pleats and spread them out like a fan.

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