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How To Make Beaded Watches

A watch is a useful item since it helps one keep time on appointments and on the other hand helps to accessorize one’s fashion. Below is how to make beaded watches.

Materials and tools required

You will need flat nosed pliers, thread, side cutters, nylon wire, 1 watch face, jump rings, silver plated clasp and beads of different design and colors for decoration.

Prepare working area

You need to have a clean table surface as your working area. You can place it in a well lit room or you can have a table lamp that shines a bright light. Arrange all the tools and materials you will need to complete the project successfully.

You can place white drop cloths around the working area so as to make it easier to spot beads in case one falls off the table.

Separate and organize the beads

You need to separate the small beads from the large beads or you can also categorize them according to color. You need to have a design in mind before proceeding. The design should show clearly where the large and small beads should be placed in order to create a beautiful pattern.

It is easier and far better when you coordinate the color scheme of the beads to be the same as that of the face of the watch.

Measure your wrist

You need to take a piece of thread and measure the diameter of your wrist. You can place the string on a ruler by holding one end at the start of the ruler and the other at the exact mark showing the measurement of your wrist.

You can add one or two inches to make for sufficient length that will enable you to tie the ends. You need to cut the nylon wire to match the measurement of the thread for one side of the watch band and should also match the other side as well. When doing so, you need to ensure there will be enough wire to have all beads fitting in place.

Create bead pattern

Start by threading one end of the wire through the end of your watch face and then pick a crimp bead and thread it through until it reaches the long end of the wire. Proceed by threading the other end of the wire through the bead and then finalize by having the crimp moving down the face of the watch.

Using the flat nose pliers, you need to squeeze the crimp into place by applying pressure. This will help in holding the wire and the crimp in place.

Start arranging the beads in sizes and colors as you had designed earlier. After placing all beads to create the desired pattern, you need to place a crimp at the end and using a flat nose pliers, squeeze the crimp into place. Complete by adding a clasp.

Repeat the procedure above for the other end of the watch.

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