How To Make Singlecrochet Stitch

So you want to start crocheting. The starting point is the single crochet stitch. From this stitch you can start creating adorable booties, or a snugly afghan. Perhaps you want to make holiday gifts, or personal items for yourself. The possibilities are endless.
Learning how to single stitch crochet will be simple with these easy to follow tips. The single crochet stitch is one of the most important stitches to know. This stitch is used in almost all patterns. Not knowing the single crochet stitch will make your experience in crocheting more difficult if not impossible.
Knowing how to single crochet will open up infinite ways to create. From simple straight line work to the advance more difficult patterns. You will be ready to explore the world of crocheting.
Begin by holding the foundation chain in your hand. Make sure the chain is facing you. This means hold the hook still, and flip the foundation chain from either right to left, or left to right.
You will then need to identify the second chain stitch away from your crochet hook. To do this,skip the very first stitch closest to your hook, and go to the next.
Insert the crochet hook by poking it through the second stitch, going from front to back. Take the yarn strand and wrap it from back to front over the hook. (This will be referred to as, “yo”, in crochet patterns- meaning “yarn over”). With the hook inserted into second stitch, and yo completed, you can pull hook through while rotating the opening of hook towards you. You will now have 2 loops on your hook.
To complete the single stitch, again wrap the yarn over hook from front to back. Remember this is called, yo, or yarn over. Turn opening of hook towards you, and draw the hook through both loops on the hook. The wrapped yarn will remain on the hook. With one loop left on hook, you have completed a single crochet stitch.
To work the single crochet stitch across the foundation row, slip the hook through the next foundation chain stitch. Insert the hook from front to back, wrap the yarn strand over the hook from back to front. Pull the hook through, again rotating towards you. You will again have two loops on the hook. Wrap the yarn over hook, from front to back, and pull through two loops with the opening in hook facing towards you. Once more you will have one loop on the hook, and another single crochet stitch complete.
Continue this pattern of stitching across the whole foundation row. When you reach the end of the foundation chain, make one extra chain stitch (this is the same stitch you used to make the foundation chain).
Hold your hook and again turn your work so that it faces you. Start the second row from the second stitch from your hook. You are now starting on the second row of your work. Continue this pattern until your work reaches the desired size.
You are now ready to begin exploring the world of crochet.

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